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About Kenvis

We are an EdTech Agency located in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony. We are a group of innovators, creators and passionate thinkers, dedicated to revolutionizing the way people learn.

App Development

We live in a multi-device world. Desktops, tablets, smartphones – we don’t care. We devlope applications that work everywhere. 

Content Design

It’s time to step up to the plate and get passionate about content again. We create eLearning experiences that don’t bore people to tears, but instead inspire and motivate them .

Learning Management Systems

We provide management systems for your learning content. We support you and your company in handling course registrations, administration, tracking and reporting. 


Effective learning goes way beyond design and delivery. We offer consultancy services on a range of levels to meet your needs. We are experts in Scoping and Needs Analysis, Campaign Marketing as well as Capability Building. 


Technology is changing the way we live. Kenvis is changing the way we learn!

Dr. Michael Schuricht – Kenvis | The EdTech Foundry

Some Fun Facts

Each completed project makes us even more thirsty, thirsty for more content, more code and at least some more energy drinks. As a result we deliver a better learning experience.


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